Jan 26, 2023, 5:00 am UTC

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The excruciating truth about women's pain

In a post on Instagram, The Endo Nurse — a nurse specialist and midwife with endometriosis — recounts having her pain symptoms dismissed by emergency department staff. 

"While performing a very unnecessarily invasive pelvic exam the doctor turned to her resident & told her that she did not believe I was experiencing any pain or that I had endometriosis at all & that I just wanted a medical certificate to get out of my exam. She finished her examination without a word to me & left the room. ⁣

⁣I was horrified.⁣"

Her story is all too familiar for women — and especially women of color — experiencing pain. They often encounter indifference, disbelief, and dismissal from the very people they turn to for support.

So what ⁣do we know about the gender pain gap? And why is women's pain so misunderstood?



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