Exploring Discrimination & Women’s Mental Health

A wmnHealth Initiative

It has long been overlooked, but discrimination can erode our mental health. We’re just beginning to understand how much — and how to address it. Let’s figure it out, together.

Through initiatives like this one, wmnHealth conducts mental & neurological research and creates digital tools to close the brain health gap for women.

Something needs to be done about discrimination & mental health

Most of us have been touched by discrimination. Our gender, the color of our skin, who we love, how we dress, our age, and our abilities can all be the target of ignorance, even hate. Sometimes discrimination is overt; other times, it is subtle. But either way, it builds over time, gradually compromising our mental health.

The time is now

The trouble is, until recently, the influence discrimination can have on our mental health has been largely ignored. Researchers are just beginning to understand how profoundly damaging it can be and discover effective ways to address it.

Worldwide, they are taking a closer look at how discrimination based on gender, skin color, body shape and size, religion, and more affects the mind. They are also investigating how intersecting experiences, such as racism and sexism, combine to worsen the problem. After all, no one is defined by a single identity.

A platform for change

The gender gap in mental health cannot be closed without taking a hard look at discrimination, its mental health consequences, and what can be done about them.  

Progress can’t come soon enough. That’s why we created the wmnHealth platform and this initiative. Help us shape the future of women’s brain health. 


Explore the latest information on discrimination and mental health.


Participate in online research studies to help us fill knowledge gaps.


Learn evidence-backed strategies to improve your health.

Join our studies and help us make a difference!

We’re on a mission to improve women’s mental and neurological health. But that won’t be possible unless we have a better understanding of how discrimination affects our health, including its psychological impact. By contributing your time, you can help us identify and develop evidence-based solutions that we will make freely available and easily accessible to you. 

How you can help:

  • Join an online study.
  • Find out what we are learning.
  • Stay with us - we are continually launching new research opportunities.

It’s not easy, but we’re making progress

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